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Haywood Tree Specialists are able to offer assistance with all the services below and when our work is complete, all the waste is taken away by our team and your property is left clean and tidy, free from any unwanted vegetation. All our work is carried out to BS3998 standards and performed by fully qualified and insured operators.

Tree Surgeon Sheffield
Tree Removal

We are able to remove trees by either a clear fell or a sectional dismantle depending on the location and size of the tree. A clear fell can only be achieved when there is enough space around the tree. Where this isn’t the case we will remove the tree by means of a sectional dismantle, which involves climbing the tree with a rope and harness and taking the tree down in smaller sections which will fit in the surrounding area without causing any damage.

Crown Reduction / Reshaping

We can reduce the crown of your tree by removing the extremities of the branches to reduce the overall size of the tree. This is commonly performed to maintain trees to the environment they are in. The natural target cuts when pruning a crown are often ones which take branches back to a lateral point which is either another branch or a bud. The crown reduction quantity is usually defined as a percentage; however on trees which are protected the quantity to be removed can be specified in metres. The reduction shouldn’t exceed 30% especially in mature trees.

Tree Surgeon Sheffield
Tree Surgeon Sheffield
Crown Lifting

Our crown lifting service sees the trees natural canopy lifted to the desired height, usually determined by a height in metres. This can be achieved in younger trees by removing whole branches back to the stem, however in mature trees we carefully use a mixture of branch removal and branch reduction. There are many reasons for crown lifting such as clearance from buildings, highways, and footpaths. It is also done to help light penetration around the base of the tree which will help other plants grow around it.

Crown Thinning

Our crown thinning process is one where smaller diameter branches are removed evenly throughout the crown of the tree. The quantity is determined by a percentage which shouldn’t exceed 30%. This is done by firstly removing Dead, broken, diseased, rubbing and crossing branches. All affected branches are removed back to a suitable natural target pruning point. Any litter that maybe present in the tree will also be removed. After the crown is cleaned, the focus shifts to removing the secondary branches. The end result will be a healthier, more attractive tree with even branch density for better airflow and light penetration.

Tree Surgeon Sheffield
Tree Surgeon Sheffield

Our tree pollarding is a traditional pruning method where a tree is taken right back to the stem or the beginning of its primary branches. It gives the tree an ornamental look rather than a natural look. Pollarding is also a good way of creating a uniform look amongst a number of trees. As a result of this operation the new growth will have to be removed every couple of years.

Hedge Maintenance or Removal

Hedge maintenance can be just a trim to take off the previous year’s new growth, a reduction of the hedge is also an option if the hedge has outgrown its location, or you may want to remove the hedge completely. Haywood Tree Specialists are happy to help whatever you decide and we’re always on hand to offer guidance.

Tree Surgeon Sheffield
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